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Plants workout with Simone Samuels on the Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Finder

Houseplant Lover's Workout with Simone Samuels

Check out this extra creative workout by Simone Samuels. Get your planty pals and get movin'. 🌿

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Big Beach no-wrist yoga with Jessica Rihal, Jessica Jade Yoga

Big Beach Yoga with Jessica

Big Beach Yoga is a beginner-friendly yoga flow led by plus size fitness instructor Jessica Rihal. Most of this practice is standing with a short period of seated poses and you will not need to bear any weight in the wrists or hands.

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Yoga For Runners with Dianne Bondy Yoga

Yoga for Runners with Dianne Bondy

After running, your hamstrings, hips and low back might be tight and tender. Spend 15 minutes on your yoga mat with Dianne Bondy post-run to stretch your hips, back and IT band. It'll make all the difference.

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Body Positive Dance Workout by Curves with Moves

Body Positive Dance Workout by Curves with Moves

This dance workout is about being silly, letting go, freeing the jiggle, and making it allll wiggle. Let’s get dancey with Jessie Diaz-Herrera!

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Superfit Hero Workout of the Week with Halfpence Moon Yoga

Standing Yoga Flow - No Hands, Wrists or Knees

That's right! No hands, wrists or knees. This virtual yoga class (38 mins.) by Halfpence Moon Yoga is just what we need right now.

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Focused Power Workout with Kanoa Greene and

Focused Power Workout with Kanoa Greene & Joyn

Joyn believes that joyful movement classes should be for all bodies and abilitiesThe Focused Power 2.2 class with Kanoa Greene is just what you need to get your body moving and does not require any floor work.

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Sarah Petty, body positive personal trainer and nutrionist

Low Impact Full Body Mat Workout with Sarah

This week's workout is by Sarah Petty, a low impact full body mat workout that's perfect for beginners and those doing recovery work.

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Kristy Pisani, Yoga and Movement Coach, Superfit Hero Body positive Fitness Finder

Weekly Workout: Yoga + Weights by Kristy

This week's workout is brought to you by Kristy Pisani. This is a fun and challenging full body practice where Yoga meets Strength! Hand weights recommended but not required.

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heart opening restorative yoga with Sangha Studio

Weekly Workout: Restorative Yoga with Claire – Sangha Studio

Follow along with Heart Opening Restorative Gentle Yoga and rest the body and mind while opening the heart.

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Aliza Brinton, free body positive youtube workout

Weekly Workout: Low Impact Cardio with Aliza

This week's workout is brought to you by Aliza BrintonIt starts with a warm-up, doesn't require a lot of equipment or space. Grab some water, a towel, and let's go!

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Free Hula Hoop Workout with Heather Says

Weekly Workout: Free Hoop Dance Class with Heather

Explore hooping with Heather Says and move your spine in all directions, using a hoop as a tool for movement and meditation. If you’re not a hooper (yet), follow-along with a long strap.

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Workout of the Week: Fat Positive Chair Yoga Flow with Kate Mosher

Weekly Workout: Fat Positive Chair Yoga with Kate Mosher

Fat Positive Chair Yoga with Kate Mosher is a gentle chair yoga flow to ease you in or out of your day. Take 10 minutes out of your day to move, breathe, and be in community.

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