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Free Yoga For All Mini-course and Full Course Registration Now Open, with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes

FREE Yoga For All Mini-Course with Amber Karnes and Dianne Bondy

Do you want to make your Yoga practice more welcoming, accessible, inclusive and inviting? Get a FREE Yoga For All mini-course with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes.

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Anna Chapman - Superfit Hero Body Positive Superhero Award July 2020

Body Positive Superhero: ANNA CHAPMAN

Anna Chapman is a Podcast Host (where you belong), Joy Creator, Size Inclusion Educator and Certified Accessible Yoga and Teacher. Anna Chapman's mission is to create a safe space for people to connect and land in their bodies through yoga. The most empowering act of self-care is to take up as much unapologetic space as is needed both on the mat and in life.

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Kate Mosher's Journey to the Yoga Mat

Kate Mosher's Journey to the Mat

"Showing up for ourselves on the mat is a movement towards a gentler, kinder, softer relationship with yourself and your body." - Kate on self acceptance and body liberation through yoga.

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Superfit Hero Sponsored Event, 21 day yoga challenge at Yoga Casa

21 Day Yoga Challenge with The Yoga Casa

Join The Yoga Casa in their 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Make new friends on the mat and maybe win a prize or two!

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Superfit Hero Sponsored Gym Radically Fit Oakland needs your contributions

Radically Fit Oakland Fundraiser

Radically Fit Oakland is looking for donors to support their mission so they can continue to offer fitness services that are accessible to everyone in their community. Last year they subsidized over $21,000 for members through their sliding scale program!

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Superfit Hero Anti-Diet Culture New Year's Round Up

Anti-Diet Culture New Year’s Round Up

The New Year is here! Down with diet culture and New Year's Resolutions. Up with sustainable and attainable goals that fit you and your lifestyle! Learn more about the body positive fitness professionals offering alternatives to resolutions and promoting inclusivity and diversity in fitness, year-round.

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Pop Gym and People's Power House Fundraiser for a space

Pop Gym and the People's Power House Fundraiser

Pop Gym is looking for donors to support their efforts to open a queer positive and body positive martial arts and self-defense space in New York! Check out the  People's Power House Fundraiser!

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Body Positive Superhero Justice Williams

Body Positive Superhero: JUSTICE WILLIAMS

Justice Williams is a trans activist who is creating safe spaces for queer and trans bodies. Justice is also a personal trainer and he is this month's Body Positive Superhero! Each month we're highlighting the work of one of our heroes of the Body Positive Fitness community. Justice reminds us that working out is not punishment, but should be a celebration of movement and recently kicked off the Queer Gym.

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Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Finder Success Story - Wendy Welsher & Ruth Wilner

Body Positive Fitness Finder Success Story! - Ruth & Wendy

Ruth found her personal trainer, Wendy Welsher, through our Body Positive Fitness Finder and they're quite the match. Read our full interview with Ruth.

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Autonomy Movement Origin Story on the Superfit Hero Blog

Autonomy Movement - A New Kind of Fitness Studio in Austin

Too many studios lure clients with weight loss as bait in place of connection, compassion, and self-acceptance. The result: Worsening critical thoughts, increased disordered eating, weight-cycling, and a needlessly punitive relationship with exercise. Autonomy Movement is Austin’s first size-inclusive, anti-diet fitness studio on a mission to bring something different to fitness spaces in Austin.

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Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Award Shohreh Davoodi

Body Positive Superhero: SHOHREH DAVOODI

Shohreh Davoodi is a personal trainer, intuitive eating counselor, private studio owner, podcaster, and this month's Body Positive Superhero! Each month we're highlighting the work of one of our heroes of the Body Positive Fitness community. Shohreh helps people unlearn diet culture while improving their relationships with exercise, food, and their bodies.

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Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Finder and Sponsorship Program Guidelines - How to become a Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

Superfit Hero Sponsorship & Body Positive Fitness Finder Partnership Guidelines

We're looking for bopo fitness professionals & studio-owners to partner with!

Learn what it takes to become a Superfit Hero Sponsored Trainer and get listed on the Body Positive Fitness Finder.

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