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April 11, 2018


Tell us about your training program. What can clients expect from working with you?
The programs I design for my clients are very unique and tailored to their level of fitness. I mostly work with beginner and intermediate athletes that want to improve their overall strength and agility. My workouts usually consist of a combination of strength and conditioning exercises with lots of compound movements and fun circuits. I believe that everyone, regardless of their body shape and their age can be fit and healthy. My clients range from age 18-70 and are of very diverse shapes, which I absolutely love.

What motivated you to become a trainer? How did you get into this line of work?
To be honest, when I first started training people as a side job, I was still very deep in my eating disorder and exercise obsession. I thought I was doing the right thing by teaching people how to train and eat like I did at the time. As I embarked on my recovery journey, I realized that my motivation and mission as a coach has changed entirely.
I now coach people, because I want them to feel strong, appreciative of their amazing bodies and to see them strive for overall health and well-being, instead of shaping their bodies the way society tells us is "good". I love feeling strong, regardless of how much my body has changed. My mission is to show my clients that being fit - no matter what they look like - is a feeling that is empowering and inspiring.

What inspired you to promote body positivity in your work? Why is body positivity important to you?
As I was recovering, I had a very hard time accepting the natural shape of my body. It was a mind game at first, because the image people have of a fitness coach is still very particular. I felt like I didn't fit in anymore, because my abs were gone and my body fat percentage had changed drastically. This is what inspired me to become part of the body positive fitness community. I wanted to be part of a movement, that goes against the standard. I wanted to be part of this change that is well on the way now, thankfully.
Body positivity is important to me, because I strongly believe that the image of a "fit body" in society isn't necessarily healthy for everyone. It requires too much sacrifice, which shouldn't be the case. We deserve to live a full, rich life, free of obsession, tracking, numbers and restrictions. We deserve to be fit and also have balance.

Tell us your proudest moment with a client.
One of my proudest moments with a client happened yesterday. We started working together a little over a year ago. Yesterday, he completed his first half marathon and is looking to participate in a triathlon this summer. He started his fitness journey with me and was in a very rough place at the time. Now, he incorporated fitness into his routine, because he loves to move his body and appreciates every step of the progress. His mental health has improved by a million and he has this positive, inspiring energy that he never knew he could ever have. These milestones are so amazing, because they show us how adaptive and willing our bodies are, when it comes to movement.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Superfit Hero community?
The one thing I want to share is that I am so proud to be part of a community that is changing the history of what fitness really means. We are the change that has to happen and I couldn't be happier and prouder to be representing this brand.

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Size 5XL is here!
Size 5XL is here!

June 29, 2018

We believe fitness should be accessible to everybody. In an effort to be even more inclusive, we've expanded our size range to 5XL. We've also updated the fit of our 3XL and 4XL, making our size chart more inclusive overall. 

With our visual size chart, we feature diverse body types across our entire size range to help you choose the right fit for you. Find your fit:

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4XL and 5XL Fit Models Needed in Los Angeles
4XL and 5XL Fit Models Needed in Los Angeles

May 15, 2018

We are expanding our size range! We are seeking size 4XL and 5XL fit models to participate in two fitting sessions in Los Angeles (zip code 90039). May 21 & May 29. Models must be able to attend both fitting sessions. Fit models will receive a pair of Superfit Hero bottoms and $50 for their time. 

If you are interested and available to participate, please fill out this survey:

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Size Chart

We pride ourselves on a superior fit. Use this chart to find the right size Superfits for you. 

It's all about the hips! Measure your hips at their widest point using a soft measuring tape.

If you are between sizes, we recommend the following. If your body is hourglass shaped, size down. If you are more apple or box-shaped, choose the larger size. 

OUR SUPERFIT GUARANTEE: Every body is different. We want you to love your Superfit products. If you prefer another size, we will exchange it for free! More...

US SIZE 0 - 2
4 - 6
8 - 10
12 - 14
16 - 18
20 - 22
24 - 26
28 - 30
32 - 34
WAIST (inches)
23 - 27
27 - 30
30 - 33
33 - 36
36 - 40
40 - 45
46 - 51
52 - 56
56 - 60
HIPS (inches)
32 - 38
38 - 41
41 - 44
44 - 48
48 - 52
53 - 58
58 - 62
63 - 67
68 - 72

Check out our full size range on real athletes here: #MYFIT 

Superfit Hero Size Chart Size XS - 5XL

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