Heroes on the Move, Justine VanNostran

January 30, 2018

Superfit Hero - Heroes on the Move, Justine VanNostran

Justine VanNostran is the first in our Heroes on the Move spotlight, a regular series where we highlight inspiring members of our community. Justine is a multi-talented writer, voice-over artist, and roller derby athlete. 

Superfit Hero (💥): We want to get to know you--tell us a little bit about yourself!

Justine (🎙): Hi there! To start, my name is Justine VanNostran, and I currently reside in Rochester, NY. I’m a military brat and have moved around for the first third of my life. My parents were both in the United States Marine Corps, and we’ve lived overseas in Japan, London, and Germany before moving back stateside to Northern Virginia in 1996. I moved to Rochester in 2005 and have been here ever since. It’s officially the longest I’ve ever lived in one place, and I’m excited to see what happens next! 

I worked in the radio industry for 8 years, doing commercial writing, production, voiceover and also as an on-air talent. It was my first full time job out of college, and loved every minute of it, until I didn’t, and looked for another career to invest my life into. I am now working as the Inspections and Marketing Manager for a local fire protection systems company (fire sprinkler systems), and have been there for almost a year and a half and love every minute of it. 

I also moonlight as a bartender, on-air radio dj, and I run my freelance voice over and production business.

I’m married with two cats, Commodore and Winchester. My husband and I met in our local roller derby league, and we were married in October, 2016. He has been an NSO, and is on the coaching staff for our league. 

💥: You're a returning roller derby skater! How did you get into the sport? What's your favorite position to play? What team do you skate for? 

🎙: I’m not going to lie, I’m surprised to be back. I love roller derby, but we have had a complicated relationship in the past, but I’m truly excited to have 8 wheels back on my feet. This is my first time dedicating myself to skating. I’ve been a skater plagued with injuries, so I threw myself into coaching and helping run the league, and so now I’m back and ready to get back into it. 

I got into roller derby because someone I know gave me tickets to a game, and I decided that it was something I was going to do. I had just graduated college, moved out and was on my own and wanted to continue to embrace my independence. I wanted something that was truly and uniquely mine. So I bought some skates, watched some YouTube videos before my first boot camp to try and figure out HOW to skate, and have been hooked ever since. 

I am proud to skate with Roc City Roller Derby, and am a member of the B-Sides, which is our B-Team! I’ll play anything my teammates ask of me, but I’m most comfortable as a blocker out there on the track. 

💥: You shared with us earlier that your roller derby tryouts went well! Any more wins now that you're on the team?

🎙: Oh man, that was an intense time! I was so excited to be selected for the B-Sides, but also so honored to have been offered a spot on our charter team, the Roc Stars. This gives me access to their practices as well as the potential to be called up should they need me. 

I’m also happy to say that I was nominated and chosen to be a captain for the B-Sides! 

💥: What's the best piece of advice about athleticism you've ever received?

🎙: I’ve always resonated with being your own hero, but the thing that has helped me the most is changing my mental approach to obstacles. It seems simple, but by changing “I can’t…” to “I’m trying to….” has honestly changed how I train, both on and off skates. I make it a point to eliminate the negative, focus on the positive, and conquer my next goal. 

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