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Autonomy Movement - A New Kind of Fitness Studio in Austin

Autonomy Movement Origin Story on the Superfit Hero Blog

Grand Opening on November 11th, 2019!

Too many studios lure clients with weight loss as bait in place of connection, compassion, and self-acceptance. They promise that a smaller body will lead to improved quality of life. The result: Worsening critical thoughts, increased disordered eating, weight-cycling, and a needlessly punitive relationship with exercise. Autonomy Movement is Austin’s first size-inclusive, anti-diet fitness studio on a mission to bring something different to fitness spaces in Austin. Autonomy is a holistic, inclusive, body and fat positive fitness studio allowing clients to explore and restore relationships with their bodies and exercise in a space free from the expectations and limitations of diet culture.

Hi, my name is Kim Gould, I’m a LMFT, and I specialize in eating disorders and body image issues. I created Autonomy Movement to be a safe place for clients that struggle with disordered eating and their body image. No mirrors, no scales, no weight-loss promotion, no before/after photos. We are not focused on changing the body. Instead, our goal is to celebrate the benefits that exercise can have within the body.

Autonomy is a new kind of fitness space. Instructors will go through an intense two-day onboarding program where they’ll learn about Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Movement, Diet Culture, Trauma-Informed Care, Internalized Fatphobia, and Body Diversity. We’re consulting with Out Youth and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, bilingual treatment providers, and existing professionals in the body positive fitness space to ensure diversity, inclusivity, safety, comfort, and growth in the studio. We're excited to open our doors in October and hope this is just the start of more inclusive spaces in Austin!


Check out Autonomy Movement on the Body Positive Fitness Finder.

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