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Michelle Obama is a Superfit Hero - What Her Workout Video Means to Women Everywhere

So by now, you’ve all seen the video of Michelle Obama’s workout. You’ve seen her boxing, lifting weights, doing lunges, and sweating. Read that sentence again. You’ve seen the First Lady of the United States… sweating. I didn’t realize what a big deal that was either until my friend Jenka pointed it out to me. Have we ever seen another first lady in every day workout gear getting her sweat on? 

Just last year, Sports England conducted a study that found that 75% of women are reluctant to exercise for fear of being judged at the gym. They don’t want to sweat in front of others. They are worried they will be judged on their performance. Michelle Obama is the freaking FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES and she posted a video of her workout for the entire world to see. She’s lifting weights and kickboxing! On video! In front of the entire world!

In this video, Michelle Obama looks like a bad ass. She looks beautiful. She looks fun. She even looks relatable. She’s wearing the kind of workout clothes any woman might wear to the gym. We can see she is putting in real effort. We can see her breathing heavy and even sweating. She’s a woman comfortable in her own skin and she’s not afraid to push herself beyond her comfort zone. I think this video is just fantastic. It’s inspired almost 17,000 people to post their own workouts on Instagram. I hope it will continue to inspire many more women to let loose at the gym, have a little fun, and get sweaty no matter who’s watching. 

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